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What Is Phenomenology?
An attempt a non-trivial introductory course

Lecture one – the background from Lambert to Hegel

Lecture two – Husserl

Lecture three-Heidegger
supplement to lecture three on Heidegger & National Socialism
Note: this lecture was recorded before I had read Heidegger's Black Notebooks and E. Faye's book.
In light of these new works, I will soon record a second supplementry lecture. In the meantime, Hannah
Heidegger the Fox is crucial reading for approaching the most important questions, such as:
"Of what was Heidegger himself a phenomenon? And what does the Heidegger phenomenon show us
about philosophy, about academia, about the politics of race and gender, and about antisemitism and
nazism? (Jean-Paul Sartre's Anti-Semite and Jew is worth a re-read with these questions in mind)

Lecture four – Levinas
new addition – the lost Levinas lecture
(recovered from .chk files retrieved from the damaged SD card)

Lecture five – Michel Henry and some other phenomenologists

Course readings
Kant - Kant's Letter to Herz - 1st Critique in a Nutshell : HegelPreface to Phenomenology of Mind - Introduction to Lesser Logic (Encyclopedia volume 1) - Excerpt from Greater Logic - “Phenomenology” section from Encyclopedia vol 3Lecture Handout on Kant+Hegel : Husserl - Encyc. Britt. Article - The Idea of Phenomenology - Cartesian Meditations - Sokolowski on genetic constitution : Heidegger - Being & Time in a nutshell (+ bookworm riddle) - Being & Time §7 in german in M&R translation in Stambaugh translation - THAT page from Intro to Metaphysics - End of Phil + Task of Thinking - Way to Language - Dialogue w Japanese Friend - End of Philosophy - Heidegger + Buddhism - Schürmann on Eckhart + Zen : Levinas - Boyce Gibson's Freiburg Diary - Handout for Levinas Lecture - Diachrony + Representation - Excerpts from Phil Papers - Kevin Hart's intro to The Exorbitant : Merleau-PontyLecture Handout - Hegel's Exisentialism - Indirect Language - Phenomenon of Language : Michel HenryLecture Handout - Essence of Manifestation - Material Phenomenology : Simone de BeauvoirReview of Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology Of Perception - Pyrrhus+CineasThe Ethics of Ambiguity : Derrida - Form + Meaning : Plus - My own brief History of Phenomenology in Australasia