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What Is Phenomenology?

Existentialist Society Lectures:
Why There Are No Nietzscheans
Lecture and Handout

Visions of the Virtual
The Time-Travel Fantasy

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Nietzsche & the Lindsays
Kant, Hegel, Goethe
Klimt & Wittgenstein
Perspectives on Napoleon

Interview on ABC Radio National's “Philosopher'sZone” :
Wittgenstein & Klimt

Henry Lawson's 'Bogan' Stories
The history of this elusive word that
no-one wants to publish

The Geothermal Files

The Geothermal Solution

The Suppression of the Solution?
Is Victoria's geothermal potential being suppressed?

Well, Well, Well
Sustainable sublimation is the solution

Geothermal Update
"Move along, nothing to see here..."

The Texas Lesson
Join the dots to see Australia's future.

Geothermal Update August 2012
One huge can of worms!

ABC TV toes the Corporate Line and Ignores the Obvious

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Posts from my old Critical Idealism blog:

What is critical idealism?
The whole idea
A Nietzsche Overview
From a certain perspective
Contradictions Galore
Violence is good! Violence is bad! Don't be a bully! Hoorah for bullies!
As If On Cue
The military reveal their essential meaning, as Fukoshima worsens daily
Reflections on 'Philosophical Running'
Not talking, jogging...
Extremist? Me?? Now let's see...
Will the real extremist please sit down
Is Stephen Fry A Racist?
Not really, but...
A horrible truth about Australia
Should the burka be banned? Stop the rapists first.
Bogan Pride
The one-eyed view of the ANU misses the mark altogether
What Is Philosophy, Anyway?
email to Jacinta Parsons and Stan Van Hooft
One Big Mouth, Two Left Feet
In rdefense of Steve Irwin
The Salt of the Earth
On Desal, Climate Change, and the attacks on Asian Students
What was missing from Rudd's apology
Within Limits
Watershed part two
Email to Kealy Smith
Is Aboriginal Australia one culture among many in a multicultural Australia?
Impossible Imperatives: On Blanchot
The disaster takes care of everything
email to SherahB. on Kant
concerning p 151 of John Milbank's
Theology and Social Theory
email to DonnaM. on Leibniz
Was Voltaire fair in
Candide ?
Email to RRR's "Radio Therapy" medicos on the meaning of this word
Time's Four Dimensions
How to reveal the relatively absolute at your place (
DO try this at home)
Cosmetics and Evolution
An email to RRR's Dr. Shane on the question of appearances
Transcendence - finite or infinite?
Doubts About Badiou
Nietzsche's Concept of Chaos
It's nice to think you've been predicted - or is it?