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NGV Course Readings

the images shown in lectures1+2 Images_for_lecs3 Lecture 4

Notes on The Music played before lectures

The Wit and Wisdom of Karl Kraus Plaque from Krauss's House

Adolf Loos - Ornament und Crime Oskar Kokoschka as painted by Loos

Karl Krauss as painted by Oskar Kokoschka – sketch 1925 pic

The tension of contradictions: Theodor Herzl + Karl Lueger - background for the painting of Judith

General political context - Hapsburg Empire Details - Sketch-Map History of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Jewish Diaspora – Sons of Noah Ancient Jewish World Map Diasopra_1881

Nietzsche – Gay Science §316 “Prophetic Human Beings” and §374 “Our New Infinite”

Haus Wittgenstein (designed by Ludwig for Gretl)

Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus abridged

1914-1916 Notebooks (excerpt)

Culture and Value (excerpt)

Zettle (excerpt)

Philosophical Investigations (excerpt)

The only article on Klimt and Nietzsche I've found so far

Recommended further reading:
Allan Janik + Stephen Toulmin
Wittgenstein's Vienna
Alexander Waugh
The House of Wittgenstein
Christian Brandstaetter (ed) Vienna 1900 and the Heroes of Modernism
Alfred Weidinger (ed) Gustav Klimt
Brigitte Hamann Hitler's Vienna: A Dictator's Apprenticeship