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Nietzsche in the News - Archive of articles on Nietzsche from Australian Newspapers 1896 - 1977

Friedrich Nietzsche and excerpt from My Life by Havelock Ellis
The Savoy Magazine, 1896 - the article through which Lionel and Norman Lindsay first heard of Nietzsche

The Facts of Poetry by Christopher Brennan
Lecture to the Sydney University Philosophical Society, June 1904

Letter to Walter Murdoch from Alfred Deakin,
August 19th 1906, during his tenure as Prime Minister of Australia

Poetry Militant by Bernard O'Dowd
O'Dowd's 1909 Manifesto

Letters to Paul Solanges by Henry Handel Richardson (Feb-July 1911)
and the Nietzsche Epigrams in the first edition of The Getting of Wisdom (1910)

Nietzsche and the Present German Spirit by J. McKellar Stewart
University of Melbourne War Lectures #5, August 10th, 1915

Did Henry Lawson Read Nietzsche?
Notes on NGV lectures by David Rathbone

By Lionel and Norman Lindsay
Excerpt from The Comedy of Life: An Autobiography 1874-1961 by Lionel Lindsay
Excerpts from Creative Effort (1924) and from My Mask by Norman Lindsay

By Jack Lindsay Excerpt from Life Rarely Tells (re. 1919 - 1924)
The Modern Consciousness (1928) Nietzsche and Religiousness (1928)
Memories of Dylan Thomas (1966) A Note on My Dialectic (1981)

Kookaburras and Satyrs by P.R.Stephensen (1954)
More on Jack Lindsay and Inky Stephensen HERE

Nietzsche In Australia by Noel Macainsh
University of Melbourne Ph.D., 1966

Christopher Brennan's Poetic by Noel Macainsh
1984 article from the Southerly journal

Australian Poets and Nietzsche - a small anthology