01 The Crucified Venus
02 In Vain the Christian
03 Pollice Verso
04 Dionysius
05 Life in the Temple
06 Desire
07 Beauty's Glass
08 Which Mask?
09 Dance Puppet, Dance
10 Enigma
11 Creative Effort
12 Our Earth
13 The Festival
14 Journalism and Art
15 The Mysteries
16 Where War Ends
17 Castle Fanfrolico
18 Allegro Vivace
19 Enter The Magician
20 Who Comes?
21 Death's Mask

Norman's notes on his etchings:
Creative Effort and Our Earth
Death's Mask
Love on Earth
The Festival
The Magicians

Who Comes?

Other texts:
Nietzsche TSZ bk3 O+NT 12
Jack Lindsay - Life Rarely Tells pp160-161
"a long incoherent letter of delight" p1
"a long incoherent letter of delight" p2
Time Torn to Stars
The Craft of Etching by Norman Lindsay
norman lindsay on beethoven
Norman Lindsay chronology
Jack Lindsay A Note on My Dialectic
Jack Lindsay NCN p71

Blessed Isles
dubai-world islands
Norman + Kate ca 1901
Norman + Jack ca 1903

Norman + Lionel – 1920s?
Norman, Brennan + Lawson by Lionel
Jack + Sartre
What is matter? What are you?


Norman's pen drawings

The Origins of Alchemy in Graeco-Roman Egypt by Jack Lindsay

Norman Lindsay on ADB

Lindsay family on ADB

Jack Lindsay bibliography

Another J.L. Bibliography

Jack Lindsay's Lysistrata translation

Some More Texts:

Inky Stephensen's Foundations of Culture In Australia (1936)
five extracts: one two three four five

The Publicist (July 1938) edited by Inky Stephensen

Sample page of analytic philosophy
Sample of abstract art

Hugh McCrae Two Poems

A short video on power and colonialism

Nietzsche Secondary Literature

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"Nietzsche in Australia" NGV course materials.