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NGV Philosophy Course: Perspectives on Napoleon

Hegel Diagrams: one two three
The Louis, I – XVIII.
Outline of Corsican history to the time of Napoleon
Map-history of The Apennine Peninsula
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Napoleon: the whole story -
1st level of resolution
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4th level of resolution

Picture of Napoleon at Brienne - Napoleon's letter to his Father 5th April 1771 OED entry for Vendetta - Map of Napoleon's Campaigns - Map of Napoleon's Egyptian campaign -
Map of Napoleon's EmpireMap of partiton of PolandLink to the text of the Code Napoleon - Touissant L'Overture & The Haitian Revolution - Links on French feminism after Napoleon -
link to Hyppolite Taine on Napoleon (1881) - wikipedia entry for Taine - “Map” of Nietzsche's Blessed Isles - Satellite photos of Dubi artificial islands - French Empire 1811 (N.B. Elba) -
Map of Atlantic Ocean (N.B. St. Helena) - another perspective on Napoleonic Europe - Cronin's Appendix on unreliability of memoirs - Abuses of mystery: Seward on Toussaint -
Rosetta map - Hanson's Western Way of War - Re my comments on Seward on Toussaint - Hales_Napoleon+the_PopeBingham_ed_Napoleon's_Letters - Karl Marx on Napoleon -
Sigmund Freud on the Mona Lisa - C.L.R.James
The Black Jacobins excerpts

Hegel on Napoleon: Phenomenology - Philosophy of Right - Lectures on the Philosophy of History
Goethe on Napoleon: Goethe's Loves+Works - Goethe_w_EckermannLewes_on_GoetheKaufmann-Goethe_+_the_Hist_of_Ideas - Goethe_reader
Nietzsche on Napoleon: Excerpts from: Birth of Tragedy - Human All Too Human - Beyond Good and Evil - Genealogy of Morals - Twilight of the Idols & Ecce Homo - Late Notebooks
Napoleon on Napoleon:
Excerpts from early fiction - Excerpts from Autobiography
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