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Kant, Hegel, Goethe - NGV Course Materials for the Städel Collection "European Masters" Exhibition

Works Discussed: Rottmann_Aegina; / Lessing_1000yrold_Oak / Courbet_The_Wave / Koch_Rape_of_Hylas / Monet_The_Luncheon
Cezanne_Road_with_Trees / Monet_Houses / Renoir_Girl_Reading / VanGogh_Cottage_near_Neunen / Munch_In_the_Bar /
Picasso_Portrait_of_Fernande_Olivier / Karl_Schmidt-Rottluff_Red_Tower_in_the_Park / Franz_Marc_Dog_Lying_in_the_Snow /
August_Macke_Little_Walters_Toys / Erich_Heckel_Landscape_in_Holstein / Munch_Jealousy / Eugenie_Bandell_Japanese_Dolls_with_Apples /
Karl_Schmidt-Rottluff_Sternenandacht / Max_Beckmann_The_Synagogue_in_Frankfurt_am_Maine / Max_Ernst_Aquis_Submersis / Paul_Klee_View_of_the_Fertile_Country /
Paul_Klee_Angelus_Novus / Paul_Klee_The_Lamb / James_Ensor_Girl_w_Masks / Lyonel_Feininger_Village_Pond_of_Gelmeroda / Paul_Klee_The_Thistle_Flower_House /
Max_Ernst_Nature_at_Dawn / Max_Beckamann_Still_Life_w_Mimosa / Max_Beckmann_Backstage

Goethe Reader
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My paper explaining a bit more about Hegel, and two major Hegel websites if anyone wants to explore Hegel further: one two

Goethe's "Nature Fragment" - notes from Goethe's conversations with Tobler from 1782 (as reprinted by Rudolph Steiner in 1892).

Drawing by Goethe illustrating Alexander von Humboldt's Ideen zu einer Geographie der Pflanzen (1813)

Two poems by Goethe: Metamorphosis of Plants and Metamorphosis of Animals

Another of my papers filling in some background on the influence of Chinese philosophy on Leibniz and Wolff (which later inflenced Goethe)

Regarding the question about recent Goethe-inspired science: this stems largely from the work of David Bohm:
Wholeness and the Implicate Order (summary here) and his many other works
see also:
Hiley & Peat (eds)
Quantum Implications: Essays in Honour of David Bohm
Bohm & Hiley (eds)
The Undivided Universe: an Ontological Interpretation of Quantum Theory
Bohm & Peat (eds) Science, Order and Creativity
Henri Bortoft
The Wholeness of Nature

Having been a bit cheeky about The Bard, here's Goethe's Oration On Shakespeare from G. H. Lewes' The Life and Work of Goethe (highly recommended); also worth reading is Emil Ludwig's Goethe: The History of a Man.
For more of Goethe on Shakespeare, see vol 3 of the Princeton edition Goethe (
Essays on Art and Literature) pp.90-93 and 166-174.
See also Walter Kaufmann's essays collected under the title
The Owl and the Nightingale in the U.K. and From Shakespeare to Existentialism in the U.S.

w.r.t. Tischbein's "Goethe in the Roman Campagne" :
Raphael's "Academy of Athens";
Iphigenia (cf Feuerbach's "Roman Woman"); Emilie&Lucinda; Goethe's Loves&Works; Goethe on Laocoon (see

Goethe gallery: @16 @23 @32 @41 @44 @50 @60 @68 @77

An entry from Goethe's Italian Journey bringing Johan Dahl's Eruption of Mt. Vesuvuis to life

The history of The island of Aegina is the topic of Carl Rottmann's "Greek Landscape on the Island of Aegina" ( (question: are there any ants on the oak tree?)

Sample of the Gothic language (wrt C. F. Lessing's "Thousand Year-Old Oak") -

Nietzsche's aphorism "Will and Wave" (#310 from The Gay Science) re Gustave Courbet's "The Wave" (1869-70). Also: G.S.#316 and pref to 2nd ed #4

Der Blaue Reiter and Die Bruecke
Walter Benjamin - 9th "Thesis on History" ;
Origin of the German Trauerspie1 p182 ; postscript to PhD
Theodor Adorno - Dialectic of Enlightenment page 19
Giorgio Agamben - (The Man Without Content)